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Minature Pewter Harp. 5 Inch.

The Harp has a long standing association with Ireland. What could be a better gift than a Harp, made from the Finest Pewter, which has also been made in Ireland!

Today it is used on Irish euro coins, passports and the presidential seal, it was the chosen emblem of the Irish Free State and presented on flags throughout Ireland. It is also to be found on the logos of some famous Irish companies such as Guinness and Ryanair.

Brian Boru, the last High King of Ireland (died in 1014 AD in the battle of Clontarf), himself was said to have been an accomplished harpist. 

However during this period of Irish history Celtic traditions were diminishing due to the British rule,  and the harp became a symbol of the resistance to the Crown of England. The Harp was in fact banned in Ireland at the end of the medieval period and the Celtic musical tradition began to disappear.

The revival of the traditional harpist came following the now famous  Belfast Harp Festival in 1792. Music collector Edward Bunting wrote down the music they played and recorded the terminology of the harpists. His Collections are now classed as one of the most comprehensive and important collection of Harp music in the World.

Today harpists can sometimes be seen busking on the streets of Dublin, or the presence of the Irish Harp Festivals throughout the country are seeing an ever increasing growth in its popularity.   P292

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