CD - Margie Butler Carolan's Draught Celtic Harp

The harps that Margie plays are based on the ancient harps of the Celtic lands. These harps were carried by the harpers throughout the countryside, bringing music and tales to the people.

In much the same manner, Margie tours worldwide with Golden Bough, bringing this music to the modern audience.  Included in her CD and concert repertoire are pieces from the renowned Irish harper, Turlough O'Carolan; who combined the traditional music of his country with the Baroque music that was popular during his time.  

She also sings many of the old ballads and tales set to music, as well as providing her own compositions to her harp CDs. 

Featuring vocal and instrumental pieces from Ireland and Scotland, and using the natural musical settings of the Celtic harp, these magical forms are brought to life by Margie Butler.

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